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Telling the Stories Beyond the Silver Posters of Satyajit Ray


By Piu Mahapatra Posters are an extension of movies. In a pre-digital world, they were the precursors to come first in public view, not the trailers that cloud the youtube sky like today. Satyajit Ray, a visual artist of immense caliber was particular that the posters of his films remained refreshing and different from the disappointingly dull and monotonous bandwagon. In ...

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The Idea of Apu


By Subha Das Mollick On reading Pather Panchali one cannot help feeling that Bibhuti Bhushan’s construction of Apu has given Ray an understanding of child psychology. Most importantly, Ray imbibed from Pather Panchali, the leitmotif of his body of films. This recurring motif is Apu. We encounter Apu not only in Apu trilogy but also in Pratidwandhi, Seemabaddha and his last ...

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First Odia Film‘Sita Vivah ‘ based on drama written by Kampala Mishra


The idea of making images talk is not a 21st-century phenomenon as our forefathers were also equally amazed at the idea of presenting before viewers a tinsel craft. What to do with Bollywood or Hollywood, let’s talk about our own sweetheart Ollywood which has completed its 85 years of a journey recently. The first-ever Odia movie was far more entertaining than it’s ...

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Bijay Mishra: Father of Odia modern theatre movement (1937-1920)


By ASHOK PALIT Bijay Mishra  Born at Santaragadia village in Balasore district on 16th July 1937, He was Son of Late Harihar Mishra & Smt Annapurna Mishra, by profession he was Civil Engineer, retired from Dept. of Irrigation, Govt.  Of Odisha. Mishra had written at least 60 dramas and 55 film scripts besides, many serials. Some of his literary works have ...

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English rendering of PM’s address in the 11th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’ on 26.04.2020


My dear countrymen, Namaskar. All of you are tuned into this episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat ‘during the lockdown. The number of suggestions and phone calls for this episode is many times the usual. Matters close to your heart; your own Mann Ki Baat, comprising a number of issues has reached out to me. I’ve tried to the best possible ...

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The lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the plight of millions of migrant labourers across the nation. The need to not only safeguard lives but also livelihoods weighs on policy makers, communities and organisations. Gram Vikas, which has been actively involved with some of India’s poorest communities since 1979, began working on a SAFE MIGRATION ...

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Averting An Agricultural Crisis: Setting Food And Nutrition Systems Right During Covid-19 Times


By NafeesMeah (n.meah@irri.org); PrakashanChellattanVeettil; Basanta Kumar Kar (Global Nutrition Leadership Awardee, Transform Nutrition Champion) The exponential spread of the COVID-19 virus has forced many countries in the developed and developing world to take unprecedented policy and regulatory measures, such as the temporary lockdown of the entire country in order to break the chain of transmission. These restrictions have imposed a ...

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The human impact of COVID-19 : coping and surviving


Dr.Adyasha Das Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management,( Ministry of Tourism, Govt. Of India)Bhubaneswar. As a strategic move to contain and combat the pandemic COVID, more than one-quarter of the world’s 7.8 billion people are confined to their homes now, as governments accelerate stringent curbs on mobility and social contact. In many parts of the world, borders ...

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Life in the era of COVID-19:Narendra Modi


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has shared few thoughts on Linkedin, which would interest youngsters and professionals. Following is the text of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s thoughts which was shared on Linkedin. “It has been a topsy-turvy start to the third decade of this century. COVID-19 has brought with it many disruptions. Coronavirus has significantly changed the contours ...

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Dr.Adyasha Das, Associate Professor Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Bhubaneswar, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. Of India.  Tourism is a very vast, vibrant, dynamic and growth-oriented industry, the set of all business activities which serve the needs of tourists while they visit different places by way of tourism, touring or traveling. According to the World Travel and Tourism  Council (WTTC)’s statistics, tourism generates ...

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