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The Heart Speaks through Cinema


Cinema has, through the generations, captured the stories and creative inspirations of the filmmakers across the world. Though modern advancements have raised the bar on how films are made, it is the heart of the storyteller that still remains the true essence of the movie. This the panellists on Day 3 of the Open Forum agreed to be the crux ...

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Transfer of Kashmir’s ‘Singham’ Traffic Cop Creates Ruckus in the Valley


Srinagar:(Mudasir Ahmad )No police officer in Kashmir has in recent times been as warmly received as Basant Kumar Rath. The valley’s youth mobbed the IPS officer for selfies while commuters nodded at his eccentric means of bringing discipline on congested Srinagar roads. So when the J&K government on Tuesday, November 13, suddenly shunted him out from the post of inspector general of ...

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Buddhism during the Bhaumakara Period: A case of study on Social life in Odisha


Mr. Manas Kumar Rout, Research scholar   History Department         Ravenshaw University, Cuttack                   Abstract: In this paper I try to highlight on the Buddhist faith and believe in ancient period. Especially Bhaumakara dynasty regime what is the social condition of the society specific reference to Buddhism. Many of the inscriptional and literary sources tell about social system of ...

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Amiya Ranjan Patnaik:An Obituary

amiya new

  Amiya Ranjan is an engineer too. Yes, very few in Orissa know that Amiya ‘has a good B. Sc, Engg. (Mechanical) Degree . . There is every reason in making this statement because Amiya has risen in to great prominence in Orissa as a popular theatre arid film personality, leaving behind his career as an engineer. Now when this ...

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Akshaya Mohanty ruled the waves of Oriya film music : As a music director

Akhaya Mohanty-014new

 Devdas Chhotray (On  the eve of Akshya Mohanty Birth Anniversary) AkshayaMohanty (AM) was fairly eclectic in his reading. He read almost whatever came his way. That was in the mid 60s of the last century. He had been out of college almost a decade before and I was still enjoying the excitement of being a sophomore at Ravenshaw. We had ...

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Alarming Pollution Problems of Stone Quarries and Crushers


Prof. Dr. P. K. Jena stone quarrying and crushing industries play a very significant role in the industrial and urban development programmes for construction of roads, buildings, sheds and other similar activities. These industries are generally located around industrial and urban areas to meet their growing demands of the construction materials. India has got good reserves of natural stones like ...

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Ramesh Prasad Mohapatra; a famous historian and archaeologist


Kailash Chandra Dash  Authour Kailash chandra Dash  offer his tribute  Ramesh Prasad Mohapatra  on his birth anniversary on 1st October 2018 Ramesh Prasad Mohapatra a famous historian and archaeologist who had lasting contribution to the historical researches in the field of archaeology, art history, cultural history, military history of Odisha was born on 1st October 1939.He was born at Bhapur of DHENKANAL ...

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Kalpana Lajmi was a filmmaker whose signature had a lot of pomp and style


SHOMA A. CHATTERJI | 25 SEPTEMBER, 2018 Film critic Shoma Chatterji pens a tribute to Kalpana Lajmi (1954 – 2018)  I will forever remain grateful to my close friend Hilla Sethna, a film publicist and journalist who established contact between Kalpana Lajmi and me, ages ago. I had introduced myself at the Delhi International Film Festival of India when Lajmi’s first directorial film Ek Pal was ...

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A leader for the ages – ahead of his times:Tribute to Atal Bihari Vajpayee


In times of turbulence and disruption, a nation is blessed to have a leader who rises to become its moral compass and guiding spirit, providing vision, cohesion and direction to his people. And, in such a moment at the turn of the century, India found one in Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was gifted in spirit, heart and mind. For those ...

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Save Urbanites through Better Management of Solid Wastes and Sewage


  Prof.Dr. P. K. Jena   (Former Director General, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, India) The urban India is growing fast mainly due to rapid industrialization and creation of various commercial activities. At the same time, the solid wastes and sewage are also being generated increasingly in these areas and the authorities are paying little importance for their proper ...

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