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Maslaman Sarat Sahoo


Neither penury nor a ten-crore loss in a super cyclone could keep down Sarat Kumar Sahoo,Son of Late Banamali Sahoo born  on22nd July,1950. Who rose from a tiny food stall to build a company with Rs 250 crore turnover and more than a thousand employees. The industrious life-graph of Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Managing Director, Om Oil and Flour Mills, is ...

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Remembering the Day the World Wide Web Was Born


By Larry Greenemeier Thirty years ago this month, a software consultant named Tim Berners-Lee at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (better known as CERN) hatched a plan for an open computer network to keep track of research at the particle physics laboratory in the suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland. Berners-Lee’s modestly titled “Information Management: A Proposal,” which he submitted to get a CERN grant, ...

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Ramachandra Pratihari(16January ,1936-27 January,2019)


Veteran theater artist Ramachandra Pratihari passed away on 27 th,January, 2019.He was 87.Ramachandra Pratihari was born on 16th,January 1936.For more than five decades, towering theatre personality Ramachandra Pratihari’s permanent address has been the historic Annapurna Rangamancha of Puri rather than nearby Harachandi Sahi where he was born . Such has been his intimate association and commitment to the best known theatre ...

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Farmers Need Diversified Livelihood Not Loan Waiving

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Prof. Dr. P. K. Jena India got independence about seventy two years back in 1947. Since then, various efforts are being made to bring socio economic development of the country through different developmental programmes in industrial, agricultural and service sectors. However, considering the resources and opportunities available, the development could have been much more, particularly in case of farmers in ...

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First Odia New wave Cinema Matira Manisha


Ashok Palit Odisha News Times EditorAshok Palit  With  Mrinal Sen   Matira Manisha (aka -The Man of Soil) is a 1966 Indian Oriya film directed by eminent film director Mrinal Sen on the story of Kalindi Charan Panigrahi’s novel in the same name. The film contrasts traditional and modern values contexts and themes such as the Gandhian and Marxist ideologies, ...

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Pratibha Ray’s Yajnaseni as dance ballet by Hema Malini


What transpired in the mind of this strong woman of character as she submitted herself to the tragic turn of events in her life? The dance ballet, which is based on the Oriya novel “Yajnaseni’ by Pratibha Ray attempts to look into the mind of Draupadi, as she submits herself to grievous acts even by her own- her sense of ...

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Magical bird paradise Mangalajodi

Clamorous Reed Warbler D41_4405

Only 75 minutes away from Bhubaneswar, near Tangi, lies the magical bird paradise of Mangalajodi. Located at the north-eastern edge of Chilika lake, this 10 sq km patch of marshland has remained in the shadow of its famed parent lagoon.  Mangalajodi is one of thelargest of the 132 villages that stand on the banks of Chilika Lake. With three lakh ...

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The Heart Speaks through Cinema


Cinema has, through the generations, captured the stories and creative inspirations of the filmmakers across the world. Though modern advancements have raised the bar on how films are made, it is the heart of the storyteller that still remains the true essence of the movie. This the panellists on Day 3 of the Open Forum agreed to be the crux ...

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Transfer of Kashmir’s ‘Singham’ Traffic Cop Creates Ruckus in the Valley


Srinagar:(Mudasir Ahmad )No police officer in Kashmir has in recent times been as warmly received as Basant Kumar Rath. The valley’s youth mobbed the IPS officer for selfies while commuters nodded at his eccentric means of bringing discipline on congested Srinagar roads. So when the J&K government on Tuesday, November 13, suddenly shunted him out from the post of inspector general of ...

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Buddhism during the Bhaumakara Period: A case of study on Social life in Odisha


Mr. Manas Kumar Rout, Research scholar   History Department         Ravenshaw University, Cuttack                   Abstract: In this paper I try to highlight on the Buddhist faith and believe in ancient period. Especially Bhaumakara dynasty regime what is the social condition of the society specific reference to Buddhism. Many of the inscriptional and literary sources tell about social system of ...

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