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Enhancing Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Through Yoga

*Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani   The holistic science of Yoga is the best lifestyle ever designed and is very effective in managing stress disorders and lifestyle disorders like diabetes. Modern research has focused on psycho-physiological beneficial effects of yoga which is more than a mere physical exercise (Innes and Vincent, 2007). It has been reported that even a short ...

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Ministry of Earth Sciences Achieves New Heights in Three Years.


Ratnadeep Banerji What is our earth like? What all does she hold? What is going to be the future of earth? And how should humans act with the elements of earth? Our mother earth is undergoing upheavals in a tremendous way following heightened aspirations of human civilization. Above all, the spectre of climate change is looming over us. Knowing about ...

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Save Mother Earth from Environmental Pollution


    Prof. Dr. P. K. Jena       Our Mother Earth which till recent past, was a healthy and beautiful place to live in for all of us and other living beings, is getting devastated very fast because of harsh exploitation of its resources in a haphazard and unscientific manner, releasing all types of solid wastes, liquid and ...

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Social and Financial Inclusion: Initiatives undertaken by the NDA Govt


*Guru Prakash   Over the last three years, we have witnessed a fundamental shift in the narrative of social justice for the marginalized. The focus has moved from the politics of welfarism and entitlement to a more participatory model of empowerment. By all means, the Government of India (GoI) is effectively exploring multiple facets of empowerment for the socially deprived ...

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Taxation reforms on RAPID road


* Prakash Chawla When Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed officials of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and Central Board of Excise Customs (CBEC) in June last year, he gave them an acronym RAPID to follow as they carry out their job of collecting revenue for the national exchequer. At the conclusion of the ‘Rajaswa Gyan Sangam’  the senior most ...

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Rural India Surges ahead under NDA Government

                                                                   *V. Mohan Rao Being the nodal Ministry for most of the development and welfare activities in the rural areas, the Ministry of Rural Development plays a pivotal role in the overall development strategy of the country. The vision and mission of the Ministry is sustainable and inclusive growth of rural India through a multipronged strategy for eradication of poverty ...

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Soumya-Naveen Meet not for politics but for Media Support


(ASHOK PALIT)After his newspaper columns and tweets leaving party in sore discomfiture, Odisha’s ruling party chief Naveen Patnaik had removed Kendrapara MP Baijayant Panda as spokesperson of Parliamentary party in Lok Sabha few daysback,it is well known to all that Baijayant Panda’ s wife Jagimangat Panda owned a most powerful electronics media Odisha television and their news channel is top ...

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Reinventing the Third World Cultural Dynamics & Economic Power


Sitakant Mahapatra     The term third world is a ‘problematic’ and somewhat overloaded concept. It has been spelt out differently in political, diplomatic and economic terms at different points of time. Its origin was in the cold war, a bipolar world dominated by two superpowers, the Soviet empire and the USA. Their close allies and enemies of the Second ...

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Why publishers are finding it difficult to market Debut authors


The effective marketing of a debut author’s book is often the most contentious and stressful aspect of modern publishing. It can throw perfectly cordial and sometimes even strong pre-publication-date relationships between an author and his publisher, editor, and agent, into complete disarray. It leads to bitter quarrels, blame-games, cancellation of future contracts, and, at times (although this is extremely rare), ...

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Is Naveen Patnaik worry about the 2019 Assembly elections?


The Bharatiya Janata Party’s decision to hold its two-day national executive in Bhubaneswar, starting Saturday, seems to have been made keeping in mind the saffron party’s desire to make inroads into Odisha, which has been ruled for the past 17 years by the Naveen Patnaik-led Biju Janata Dal. Since 2014, almost all ministers of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government ...

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