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BOOK REVIEW:Gour & Parbati

 Bhaskar Parichha The first family of Odia cinema Gour Prasad and Parbati Ghose had contributed immensely to the growth of Odia films in over five decades. Two commendable personalities of celluloid, both of them had a great passion and chemistry for acting since they were young. Both acted on the stage . Movies were only a natural corollary. The next ...

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GOUR & PARBATI:Book Review

Ashok Palit This book is about the journey of two of the most eminent personalities of the Odia  Film  Industry.  It brings to the fore their rise to the top as an actor,  producer, and director and highlights their trials and tribulations at a time when the industry was in its fledgling stage. They embarked upon their passion at a ...

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Book Review:After the Deluge

By Dr. Kanak Hota,Chicago In this bleak moment when mankind reels under the threat of an epidemic that refuses to subside, and natural disasters like flood, fire, and storm threaten in tandem our very existence, there couldn’t have been a more appropriate time for the appearance of a colossally optimistic novel, After the Deluge (Black Eagle Books, USA)a translation of ...

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A Gandhian Affair – India’s Curious Portrayal of Love in Cinema’ review: All the Mahatma’s men

HARI NARAYAN The worldview of Satyapriya, an engineer in the urban India of the late 1940s, is shaped by an unflinching commitment to truth as well as his grounding in Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. His short life as an uncompromising idealist, influenced by the ideals of the freedom movement, is marked by a total disavowal of wealth and desires. Sanjay Suri’s book ...

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