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Odisha Finance Minister Bikram Keshari Arukha tabled the Supplementary Budget of Rs 28,200 crore for the year 2023-24

Bhubaneswar:22/9/23: Odisha Finance Minister Bikram Keshari Arukha on Friday tabled the Supplementary Budget of Rs 28,200 crore for the year 2023-24 on the first day of the Odisha Assembly monsoon session.

The Rs.28,200 crore supplementary budget comprises Rs.2,864 crore for Administrative Expenditure, Rs.4,664 crore for Disaster Management Funds, Rs.572 crore for Transfer to Local Bodies and Rs.20,100 crore for Programme Expenditure.

About 71% of the Supplementary provision is meant for augmenting outlay for Programme Expenditure. Out of the provision for Programme Expenditure of Rs.20,100 crore in Supplementary Budget, Rs.10,684 crore, about 53% is allocated for Social Sector, Rs.8,473 crore, about 42%, is allocated for Economic Sector and balance Rs.943 crore, about 5% is allocated for General Services sector.

Thus, in total Rs.19,157 crore (95%) is allocated towards developmental expenditure within the Programme Expenditure. The total Capital outlay in the Supplementary budget is Rs.5,309 crore, which is about 19% of the total Supplementary budget.

The Supplementary Budget focuses on universal quality health care, transforming education, empowerment of women, rural connectivity, agriculture and irrigation, industries, infrastructure, sports and other priority sectors.

Once again, the focus has been on Programme Expenditure which is about 71 percent of the total supplementary budget. Under Programme Expenditure, an additional sum of Rs. 3651 crores for education, sports and skill development sector, Rs.1554 crores for Social Security & Mission Shakti, Rs.1262 crores for Energy, IT, Commerce, Transport and R&D sectors taken together, Rs. 1136 crores for ST & SC Development and Minority & Backward Class Welfare, Rs. 862 crores for public health care, Rs.2091 crores for irrigation facility, farmers’ welfare and food security have been provided in the Supplementary Budget, 2023-24.

Under the Administrative Expenditure, an additional fund of Rs.2,864 crore has been provided to meet expenditure on salary, dearness allowance, arrear salary of judicial officers, provision of salary for the initial appointees upon regularization, maintenance of assets, etc.

A sum of Rs.196 crores has been provided for the conduct of elections including police arrangements. Rs 200 crores have been provided in the supplementary budget for House Building Advance given to employees of the State Government.

In the Supplementary Budget, under new schemes and initiatives, the Government has allocated:

Here are the key highlights: 

Need for Supplementary Budget: Keeping in view the needs & expectations of the people in a welfare State, the Supplementary Budget is aimed at fulfilling the requirement of funds for public welfare and developmental activities in the State mainly through reallocation of available resources and receipt of tied-up resources from various sources. The following circumstances necessitated Supplementary provision: –

i) Additional requirement of funds for completion of the important ongoing projects under state sector.

ii) Additional requirement for ongoing Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored Schemes and changes in fund release mechanism of CSS effected by Government of India.

iii) Recoupment of advance taken from Odisha Contingency Fund.

iv) Accounting adjustment under different Demands.

3. Financing the Supplementary Budget:

The allocations under Administrative Expenditure and Transfers to Local Bodies are to be financed against adjustment and surrender. Allocation under Disaster Management Funds to be financed against the differential year-end balance available in the State Disaster Risk Management Fund (SDRMF). The Supplementary provision of Rs.20,100 crore under Programme Expenditure is to be financed by tied-up resources to the extent of Rs.3,235crore and through additional revenue collection and savings.

4. What’s New in the Supplementary Budget, 2023-24

  • Rs.1,302 crore for Ama Odisha Nabin Odisha
  • Rs.556 crore for Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative (LACCMI) scheme
  • Rs.252 crore for IT Connectivity to Gram Panchayats
  • Rs.210 crore for Odisha Metro Rail Transport
  • Rs.153 crore for Construction of additional class rooms in Schools through PRIs
  • Rs.110 crore for Mukhyamantri Chhatra Chhatri Paridhana Yojana
  • Rs.100 crore for Urban Infrastructure Development Fund
  • Rs.38 crore under “Jagruti’’ for protection, development and empowerment of the survivors of gender-based violence.
  • Rs.21 crore for Odisha Transport Drivers & Workers Welfare Scheme
  • Rs.20 crore for Revolving Fund for Working Capital for BOYANIKA
  • Rs.20 crore for Revolving Fund for Working Capital for Sambalpuri Bastralaya
  • Rs.15 crore for Minority Marriage Assistance
  • Rs.14 crore for Operation and Management of Block Level Bus Stands
  • Rs.12 crore for Odisha Birth & Death Registration System (OBDRS)
  • Rs.11 crore for State Support Centre for ICDS.
  • Rs.9 crore under SUDAKSHYA for improving employable skill and creation of self-employment opportunities for Girl students of Govt. Engg. Schools & Polytechnics.
  • Rs.5 crore for CM’s Research, Innovation & Fellowship Programme
  • Rs.5 crore for “Nano Unicorn” for promotion of entrepreneurship of skilled youth.

5. Provision for Administrative Expenditure:

  • Total outlay for the Administrative Expenditure is Rs.2,864 crore.
  • Rs.196 crore is provided for Charges for Conduct of Elections including Police Arrangement.
  • Rs.150 crore is provided for repair and maintenance of non-residential buildings under ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare Department.
  • Rs.27 crore is provided towards new Medical College & Hospitals at Jajpur and Kalahandi.
  • Rs.21 crore is provided as Grants to Board of Secondary Education, Odisha
  • Rs.20 crore is provided towards Grants to Odisha Lift Irrigation Corporation (OLIC).
  • Rs.16 crore is provided towards Payment of Compassionate Grant for HumanAnimal Conflict.
  • Rs.10 crore is provided for Text Book Press & Rs.6 crore is provided for Remuneration to Guest Faculty of Govt. Secondary Schools
  • Rs.4 crore is provided for Odisha Staff Selection Commission & Rs.4 crore for Odisha Sub- Ordinate Staff Selection Commission, towards conduct of various recruitment examinations.
  • Rs.3 crore is provided towards Medical Expenses for treatment of Boarders in ST & SC Hostel and Rs.6 crore is provided for Laboratory Equipments in Higher Secondary Schools under ST & SC Dept.

6. Disaster Risk Mitigation:

  • Additional provision of Rs.4,664 crore is proposed in the Supplementary Statement of Expenditure, 2023-24 against the differential year-end balance available in State Disaster Response Mitigation Fund.

7. Transfers from State:

  •  Total of Rs. 572 crore is provided towards Transfer to PRIs as per SFC Award in the Supplementary Statement of Expenditure, 2023-24.

8. Provisions for Programme Expenditure and Priority Sectors:

A. Farmers’ welfare & food security:

Total Rs.4,433 crore has been allocated for irrigation facility, farmers’ welfare and food security.

  • Rs.223 crore has been provisioned for Crop Production Management Rs.253 crore has been provisioned for Horticulture Development Programme.
  • Rs.150 crore is provisioned for Capital Investment & Farm Mechanization
  • Rs.464 crore is provided towards Food Storage & Warehousing Procurement Operation Support System
  • Rs.400 crore is provided towards Premium Subsidy under Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana.
  • Rs.238 crore is provided towards Intensive Aquaculture & Inland Fisheries Development.
  • Rs.841 crore for Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation development.
  • Rs.100 crore for Mukhya Mantri Aadibandha Tiari Yojana (MATY).
  • Rs.197 crore for Parvati Giri Lift Irrigation

B. Mission Shakti :

Total allocation of Rs.783 crore towards Mission Shakti.

  •  Rs.700 crore is provided for Financial Support to WSHG and Block level Mission Shakti Federation
  • Rs.83 crore is provided for Capacity Building under Mission Shakti.

C. Social Security:

Total allocation of Rs.771 crore towards Social Security

  • Rs.500 crore is provided under Madhubabu Pension Yojana
  • Rs.214 crore allotted for the welfare for Persons with Disabilities

D. Healthcare

A total sum of Rs.862 crore is allocated for public health care.

  • Rs.123 crore is provided for Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana.
  • Rs.83 crore is provided towards Mukhya Mantri Swasthya Seva Mission and Rs.58 crore is provided towards Tertiary Health Care-Super Specialty Services.
  • Rs.147 crore is provided towards Medical Education & Research- Human Resources in Health and Medical
  • Rs.359 crore is provided towards state share National Health Mission (NHM)

E. Empowering Women and Children

A total sum of Rs.469 crore is allocated for the empowerment of women and child development.

  • Rs.20 crore is provided for Aganwadi Services Training Programme under Sakhsam Aganwadi & POSHAN 2.0 and Rs.30 crore is provided for Mission Batsalya.
  • Rs.251 crore is provided towards State Support for implementation of ICDS in the State
  • Rs.37 crore is provided for Cash Transfer for pregnant Women under MAMATA Scheme
  • Rs.39 crore is provided for support to Social Welfare Board for Awareness Campaigns.

F. ST & SC Development

Total Rs.1,136 crore allocated for ST & SC Development and Minority & Backward Class Welfare initiatives.

  • Rs.73 crore is provided under the Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Students.
  • Rs.53 crore is provided for Scheme for development of SCs (including Enforcement of PCR Act)
  •  Rs.224 crore is provided for Special Development Council (SDC).
  • Rs.385 crore is provided for Development of SCs & STs-Const. of Building, which includes Rs.171 crore for construction of Hostels for tribal students and construction of Educational Institution, Rs.25 crore under Development of Infrastructure in Tribal Areas for Tamarind Tertiary Unit in Rayagada, Rs.19 crore for construction of Hostel for OBC Students, and Rs.45 crore for Construction of Multipurpose Community-cum-Cultural Centres for the Minority Communities.
  • Rs.97 crore is provided for Pre-matric Scholarship and Rs.125 crore is provided for Post-matric Scholarship SC & ST Students under Mukhyamantri Medhabi Chatra Protsahan Yojana.

G. Education, Sports and Skill Development 

A total of Rs.3,651 crore is allocated for education, sports, and skill development sector.

  • Rs.164 crore has been provided for State’s Support to Mid-Day Meal (PMPOSHAN)
  • Rs.212 crore for Mo School Abhiyan and Rs.106 crore has been provided for Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya.
  • Rs.600 crore has been provided for Non-Govt High Schools and Rs.64 crore for Govt. High Schools.
  • Rs.382 crore has been provided for State Support for Samagra Sikshya and Rs.110 crore has been provided for Mukhyamantri Chhatra Chhatri Paridhana Yojana
  • Rs.230 crore has been provided for Infrastructure Development of Universities and Colleges.
  • Rs.308 crore has been provided for GIA to Non-Govt. Colleges.
  • Rs.100 crore is provided towards Infrastructure Development of Technological Universities / Engineering Colleges.

H. Rural Infrastructure

A total allocation of Rs.558 crore is for rural infrastructure which includes Rs.550 crore under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY).

I. Urban Development

A total allocation of Rs.1,046 crore for Urban Development.

  • Rs.100 crore is provided for Urban Infrastructure Development Fund
  • Rs.585 crore is provided for Improvement of Urban Governance.
  • Rs.100 crore is provided under Smart City
  • Rs.260 crore is provided under Urban Road Transport including Metro Rail.

J. Industries

The total allocation of Rs.320 crore for Industries & MSME.

  • Rs.100 crore is provided for Industrial Infrastructure Development Fund (IIDF)
  • Rs.168 crore is provided for Industrial Policy Resolution

K. Infrastructure

The total allocation of Rs.1,631 crore for infrastructure projects under Energy, IT, Commerce, Transport, and Public Works.

  • Rs.255 crore is provided for Loans to PSUs under the Energy Department.
  • Rs.153 crore is provided for IT Infrastructure and connectivity
  • Rs.55 crore is provided for Bus Terminals and related Infrastructure.
  • Rs.45 crore is provided for subsidy under EV Policy.
  • Rs.50 crore is provided towards Subsidy for construction of Aerodrome
  • Rs.556 crore is provided towards ‘Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative’ (LACCMI) scheme.
  • Rs.10 crore is provided for ORSAC-Scientific Research

L. Promotion of Culture and Tourism

Total allocation of Rs.264 crore for promotion of Culture and Tourism.

  • Rs.14 crore is provided towards Mukhyamantri Kalakara Sahayata Yojana
  • Rs.71 crore is provided for the Directorate of Culture.
  • Rs.25 crore is provided towards Baristha Nagarika Tirtha Yatra Yojana and
  • Rs.143 crore is provided for Publicity of Tourism
  • Rs.33 crore is provided for construction of Odia University at Satyabadi
  • Rs.1302 crores for Ama Odisha Nabin Odisha,
  • Rs.556 crores for Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative (LACCMI) scheme,
  • Rs.153 crores for the construction of additional classrooms in schools through PRIs,
  • Rs. 110 crores for Mukhyamantri Chhatra Chhatri Paridhana Yojana,
  • Rs.12 crores for Odisha Birth & Death Registration System (OBDRS),
  • Rs.210 crores for Odisha Metro Rail Transport,
  • Rs.21 crores for Odisha Transport Drivers & Workers Welfare Scheme,
  • Rs.38 crores for Jagruti,
  • Rs.252 crores for IT Connectivity to GPs,
  • Rs.14 crores for the Operation and Management of Block Level Bus Stands and
  • Rs.9 crores for SUDAKSHYA.

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