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Ghanashyam Mohapatra first Technically Qualified Odia Film Entrepreneur


Ghanashyam    Mohapatra the first   Technically     Qualified     Film    Entrepreneur, Producer,   Director  and  Documentary  Film  Maker to the development of Cinema in Orissa during the last 47  years since  1960  and made classics like  Odissi  Dance, Kanaklata,   Abhisapta   Gandharb   and  Nisanga  Akash.

Born on 01  Jan  1933  at  Dhenkanal and studied in  Ravenshaw    College during 1951,  he had taken an active interest in dramatics.     During his  Ravenshaw days, he worked on stage with    Prof.    Bidhu    Bhusan     Das as a mentor.     From his acquaintances with film magazines published from  Bombay,   he decided to enter filmmaking activities in  Orissa.     At the age of  22,   he joined   S  J  Poly technique, Bangalore to pursue    3  years   Diploma in  Cinematography.    He successfully completed the course with a  First   Class with a merit scholarship and joined Filmistan   Studio as an Assistant   Director in Bombay and worked in more than  20 films.

Yet he could not resist the temptation of capturing the native  Orissan   Culture, traditions,   progress development on celluloid.   Back home in  1960,  he launched its first kind   “Konark    Films   Pvt   Ltd.”   And become the first   Technical    Film Entrepreneur of Orissa.

First    Oriya    Documentary    “Maa    &    Shisu”    incidentally,      Mohapatra’s first documentary film produced in  1962  won  Best  Documentary  Award from  Govt of Orissa in  1975.  During   1963  –  82,  he was the first from  Orissa to be in the  All India  Panel of Film Division,  Bombay.

In  1969,   he made the   Prize-winning   Oriya   Documentary on   Family   Welfare “Radhu  0  Shyam”  which won the  Best  Documentary  Film  Award in the year  1972. “Krishi   Jantrapati”     was   the   first   Oriya   documentary   entirely    produced    and directed    by   an   Oriya   film-maker     won   the   National    Award    9in   Non-feature category)  to Best  Industrial/  Agricultural   Film.

It was however in  1971,  Mohapatra was tempted to put on celluloid some of the enchanting classical dance styles of   Orissa featuring the celebrated    Odissi dancer   Sanjukta   Panigrahi and  Guru  Kelu  Charan  Mohapatra accompanying the recital.  This was the first  English  Eastman   Colour  Documentary film screened in the  5th World   Film  Festival at New  Delhi organized by the Indian  Friendship   Society and  Cultural   Department of the  USSR  academy at the  Soviet  Culture   House on January   18, 1972.


The next venture of  Mohapatra in  1974  was  Oriya  Classic full-length BIW  Feature Film  “KANAKLATA”   an inspiring example of realistic cinema.   In the absence of a willing producer for such a film,  Mohapatra was first to raise a  loan from the State Bank of   India by mortgaging his meager land in Cuttack city.

Adapted from the classic novel of  Late  Nanda  Kishore   Bal,  the film depicts the rural life of  Orissa of the early  20th  century most vividly and realistically.   This classic  feature,   yet,  missed  the  best  regional  award  in 1975,  when  it participated

“Krishi   Jantrapati”     and  “For a Better   Living”   got him national and international awards for Best  Producer and Director in 1987. Shri  Mohapatra is the first filmmaker of  Orissa to .be  invited by  Foreign   FilmFestivals like;  First  International    Non-Feature    Film  Festival,   Leningrad,    USSR,1989 and 4th  International   Documentary   Film Festival of Amsterdam,   1991.

Mr. Mahapatra    was a member    of  the   Indian   Panorama    selection    -1985, Member   Jury,   Govt  of  Orissa,   state  film  awards   -1987-89,     Member   selection

committee of the ” International    Children’s    Film  Festival   1986,  Bhubaneswar.

Member   Film  Festival  Jury    –  1988,  Chairman   (non-feature)    of-  1993,  Member organizing committee   of  the  3’d  Bombay   International    Film  Festival   for  shorty  &

Documentary   Films-  1994.

Awards: International:

Diploma      of     Honour      at    4th     International      Agro-Film      Festival,      NITRA, Czechoslovakia,    1987 for the documentary   “For a Better  Living”

Certificate  of Participation   at XV  Internationaler   Agraro-Fim   und TV, Wettbewerb, Berlin,  1988 for the documentary   “For a Better  Living”

Invitation   and   Participation    as  Guest   at  First   International    Non-Feature     FilmFestival,  Leningrad,   USSR,  1989 and invitation   and   Participation    as  Guest   at  4th   International    Documentary     Film Festival  of Amsterdam    1991


  • National Award   as  Producer   for  the  Best   Industrial   &  Agricultural Jantrapati  (Oriya)”,  1985

National   Award   as  Director   for  the   Best   Industrial   &  Agricultural    Film  “Krishi Jantrapati  (Oriya)”,  1985

National  Award  as  Producer  for  the  Best  Educational   & Motivational   Film  “For  a Better  Living  (English)”,   1986

National  Award   as  Director  for  the  Best  Educational   &  Motivational    Film  “For  a Better  Living  (English)”,   1986


Best  Documentary    Award   as  Producer   for  the  film  “Radhu   0   Shyam”   (Oriya,)1972

Best Documentary   Award  as Producer  for the film “Maa  0  Shishu”  (Oriya),  1975

Special  State  Award  as Producer  for the Best  Feature  film “KANAKLATA”   (Oriya)977

Best  Documentary    Award   as  Producer   for  the documentary  film “Krishi Jantrapati  (Oriya)”,  1988000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


1962 Maa ‘0’ Sishu

Aamar  Samasya



21 min


Dept of Health,  Govt  of Orissa

Dept of Health,  Govt of Orissa

First-ever film  on family planning
1969 Radhu  ‘0’ Shyam Oriya ll min Dept of Health,  Govt of Orissa,
Best Documentary   Film,  State Award


1971 Odissi  Dance English 20min Film Division,  Ministry  of I&B,
Govt of India
5‘h  World Film Festival  New
1973 Maa ‘0’ Sishu Oriya 11 min , Dept of Health,  Govt  of Orissa
Best Documentary   Film, State




(, Feature film)






5th” India international   Film festival1975

Among the Best six films of the year

screened for  Members  of

Parliaments,   1975

Best Film,  state  award,  1977

invited for    Special  screening   at

Max Muller  Bhawan,  New Delhi,1980


1975 Puri Srikshetra Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD Ahmedabad

Modern  Glass






telecasted  by DD Ahmedabad

1976 Safe Water Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD Ahmedabad
Snake  Bite & Cure Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD Ahmedabad
1977 Lamps English 11min Film  Division,  Ministry  of I&B
Govt of India
Filaria –  It’sprevention


Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD Ahmedabad
Health  Care – Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD Ahmedabad
MeaselesDecade  of

Achievements   for

the Tribal  people

Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD Ahmedabad
1979 Nature  Poet-Gangadhar   Meher English 30min telecasted  by D D Ahmedabad
1982 Boita  Bandan Oriya Il min Film  Division,  Govt  of Orissa
Bagha  Mamu Oriya 09min Film  Division,  Govt  of Orissa
1984 Krishi Jantrapati Oriya I5min Dept of Agriculture,   Govt of  OrissaNational  Award for  Best Documentary

State Award for   Best




1985 Banaphool Oriya 45min Dept of Agriculture,   Govt  of  Orissa
1986 The  implement


English 15min DD National
1986 For  abetter living English 15min Film Division,  Govt of Orissa
National  Awardfor    Best
Documentary  for  Educational   &
Motivational   Film
Diploma of Honour,  4th international agro film festival, Nitra, Czechoslovakia certificate of merit.XV InternationalAgrar-Film and TV competation,berlin
1987 Mukti Oriya 30min Dept of 1& PR, Govt of


1989 Samrudh  J ivan Ke Aur Hindi I5min Directorate  of Field

Publicity,  Govt  of India

1990 Pragati  Pathe

Bidyut  Shakti

Oriya 30min Dept of 1& PR, Govt  of  Orissa
1994 Lok Sevak  Dr.

Radhanath   Rath

English 30min DO National
1995 Satabdi  Sadhak Oriya 30min Telecasted  by Bhubaneswar DD



Padma Bhushan   Dr.

Radhanath   Rath

Unnata  Krishi





57 min



Film Division,  Govt  of


telecasted  by DD


Unnata  Jalasechan Oriya 28min Telecasted  by DD Bhubaneswar
1998 Shilpa  ra Bikash Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD BBSR
Kutir  ‘0’Hastashilpa  





telecasted  by DD


Shakti ra Bikash Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD


Chitrakala Oriya 28min telecasted  by DD Bhubaneswar
1999 Nutan  Digant Oriya 35min Rural  Development

Ministry  of Tribal

Affairs,  Govt of India,

2004 Hill Tribe  Didayi English 24min participated   at 32

International   Festival

of Professional   Films,

2005  at Bratislava,

Slovak  Republic

Holva English 24min Ministry  of Tribal
Affairs,  Govt of India
2005 Andhamuhani Oriya 30min 4 episodes,   telecasted

by DD Bhubaneswar



Oriya 40min Indian  Classics, telecasted  by DD Bhubaneswar
Nisanga  Akash Oriya 30min Indian  Classics,

Telecasted  by DD


Green  ManuringRice Cultivation English 24min Central  Rice Research


participated   at 32

International   Festival

of Professional   Films,

2005  at Bratislava,

Slovak  Republic

2006 Jeevan  Khojutha

Jaha-  a film on healthcare   in tribal districts

Oriya 23min ORSAC
Manasik Oriya 23min ORSAC

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