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Bijay Mishra: Father of Odia modern theatre movement (1937-1920)


Bijay Mishra  Born at Santaragadia village in Balasore district on 16th July 1937, He was Son of Late Harihar Mishra & Smt Annapurna Mishra, by profession he was Civil Engineer, retired from Dept. of Irrigation, Govt.  Of Odisha. Mishra had written at least 60 dramas and 55 film scripts besides, many serials. Some of his literary works have been translated to other regional languages.

Mishra began playwright from 1960 and his first play ‘Janani’ was staged in Annapurna Theatre, Cuttack. His widely acclaimed play ‘Tata Niranjana’ has been translated in Hindi, Nepali, Kannada and in several other Indian languages which won him a national award from All India Radio.

Actively involved in Odia film and theatre for last six decades Mishra has written over 60 plays and scripts of more than 50 Odia films. His two directed films ‘Jajabara’ and ‘Rajanigandha’ are cult films of Odia cinema while many of his dramas still run houseful.

Mishra has won many awards and accolades including the prestigious Jayadev Samman- the highest award for contribution to the field of cinema last in the 30 th Odisha State Film Award.. He also won Kendra Sahitya Akademi award for his play ‘Vanaprastha’. His play ‘Tata Niranjana’ has been translated in several languages including Nepali ans Kannada and has received best play status, a national award from the All India Radio and has been broadcast simultaneously from 18 different languages.Bijay Mishra passed away on 26th,May 2020 during Akshya trutiya festival,

Passion: To establish himself as a distinguished playwright, scriptwriter & Director of Odia plays and contribute to Indian drama for enrichment and entertainment and to bring social reforms in society.

 Mission: To apply his engineering concept and skill in the playwright. This prompted him to produce the1st play “JANANI” (The Mother) at the age of 21 which was staged at Annapurna Theatre at Cuttack and was a grand success. Thus came in the play “Saba Bahaka Mane” in which he applied his engineering skills diligently and effectively. This prompted him to step into the arena of professional Theatre. Thus came a series of plays from him such as 1) ASHANTA GRAHA, 2) TIMIRA TIRTHA, 3) PRATIKHYA, 4) JAJABARA, 5) PARSHURAM, 6) SABA BAHAKA MANE, 7) JADUKAR, 8) LAST TRAIN, 9) BHANGA AAINA, 10) EKADA LABANYA, 11) ACHANAK AKASMAT, 12) TARI LAGI, 13) JANE RAJA THILE, 14) TATA NIRANJANA, 15) DUITI SURYA DAGDHA PHULAKU NEI, 16) BANA PRASTHA and many more.

Glimpses of his outstanding Plays:

TATA NIRANJANA: This play has received best Play status, a NATIONAL AWARD from ALL INDIA RADIO and has been broadcast simultaneously from 18 different languages on the day of Buddha Purnima. In the play, writer raises the question “whether the institution is great or the individual ?” the play has later been translated in Hindi, Kannada and Nepali languages.

SABA BAHAKA MANE: (The Grave Diggers) is an absurd play written way back in 1968 which opened a new horizon in Odia Drama. This is considered as the first absurd play of Odia drama which exemplifies a seamless blending of Engineer Mishra’s professional expertise with the creative craftsmanship. First time the play had introduced the division of Acting Zones, use of wooden frameworks, skillful freezes and many noble techniques in Odia theatre and became a trendsetter.

ASHANTA GRAHA (Restless Planet): In the play the main protagonist is a bastard child, thrown to the street, which has been picked up by a Christian priest. The protagonist knew, he was illegitimate child, he could not compromise himself, he hated himself and others. Subsequently he became a killer and was sentenced. The play ran with full house in Annapurna Theatre, Cuttack for months together.

BANA PRASTHA: This is a story of every household, neglected millions of our parents and grandparents who still struggle to survive and see their dream come true even after being tortured and neglected by their children and driven away from their so called family. The story is extremely touchy and replete with emotions. This play is getting translated into Hindi shortly.


Plays that became commercial films:

  1. JANANI (The Mother)
  2. JAJABARA (Nomad)
  3. ASHANTA GRAHA (The restless Planet)

Play that found a place in college / University syllabus:

  1. JANANI             –           A Hons, Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar
  2. ASHANTA GRAHA             –           A. Hons, Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar
  3. TIMIRA TIRTHA             –           A. Hons, Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar
  4. SABA BAHAKA MANE –           PG, Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar
  5. DHARMA AVATAR             –           +2, Board of Secondary Education, Odisha
  6. TATA NIRANJANA             –           A. Hons, Utkal University, Bhuabaneshwar
  7. TATA NIRANJANA             –           PG Utkal University and Sambalpur University

Recent inclusion:

(a) TATA NIRANJANA, Odisha Public Service Commission Exam.

(b) BHALU UPADRAVA, +2, Board of Secondary Education, Odisha

Research work is done on Dr. Bijay Mishra’s writing and Ph.D. awarded to:

  • Bijay Choudhry
  • Ranjeeta Panigrahi
  • Sanjukta Sarangi

A glimpse on the Trust Bijay Eka Uchhwasa

Dr. Bijay Mishra conceived the idea of creating trust in the year 2011 with the motto to explore, uplift, upstage and promote theatre Art, Culture & Literature of Odisha which is slowly losing its popularity amongst Odia people. Thus came into existence his trust which was christened as “Bijay Eka Uchhwasa “

So far the trust has done the following activities:

  • Odia awareness plays such as LAST TRAIN, NIDHI BABU GHARE ACHA, MANISA HATA
  • Children play- CHOTO MORO GAON TI
  • His recent series of plays Mahanagar BHANGA AAINA, showcase the maladies of metropolis such as furry of true love, free sex, excitement of live-in relationship and other hazards like the pressure of plenty, use and throw and the writer has been successful in giving a powerful message through all his plays which have been enacted with houseful audience and have been able to leave a lasting impression.
  • Awareness campaigning through street plays:

Subject – Nirmala Paribesa in the village,

Health awareness in the rural area

Girl child education in the remote village of Odisha

 As Project Director –          

  1. Organized workshops for the school student: To educate children about the art,
  2. Literature and culture of Odisha. To create an opportunity for the students to interact with talented academicians, Gurus, Maestros and internationally acclaimed artists. To create an environment for the students where they can be inspired by the interactions with the living legends in the field of art and culture.
  3. Workshop on the development of Odia drama “diga and baga” i.e trend and track of present Odia drama in which writers, Directors, Critics ,Artists and Professors of Odia language and art lovers participated and assessed the present scenario.
  4. Training camp for intellectually disabled/ differently able children: Efforts were made to bring them closer to mainstream students at least in the field of Dance, Drama & Music. It is observed that mongloid or down syndrome children with intellectual disability are very much interested in Dance and Music so the camp finally brought them to a stage where they said HUM KISISE KUM NAHI. The program was highly appreciated by the intellectuals.
  5. Production oriented workshop for youth: To provide basic training and broaden the vision of the youth who want to take up theatre and film as a career option. To emphasize on skills that help the participants to develop expression, body language, attitude and spontaneity in their personality and thought process.
  6. The trust every year on the occasion of the birthday of Dr. Mishra has been enacting a new play written by him and also directed by him to keep the audience lured to drama besides recognizing and rewarding talents like best director of a drama, veteran artists, Pravasi Odia samman spreading Odia culture and heritage outside Odisha, a student scoring the highest mark in Odia literature in the higher secondary board examination, best dram team of Odisha, best critics of drama ( journalism) and last but not the least Bijay Samman to a veteran artist for his outstanding contribution to drama.

Films:  Dr. Mishra has also directed a few Odia films like “JAJABARA” a heartthrob of Odia cinema and “RAJANIGANDHA” for which he has received the best screenplay and dialogue state awards. His other award-winning Odia films are SUNA CHADEHI, JAHAKU RAKHIBE ANANTA, HAKIM BABU, DORA, MANINI, BOU, LAKHYAEE SIBA PUJI PAICHI PUA, SHRI JAGANNATH, PANJURI BHITARE SARI, KURUKSHETRA, SAPANA BANKA. JANANI, ASHANTA GRAHA, JAGA BALIA, PARADESHI CHADEHI, TAAPOI, SASU GHARA CHALI JIBI, to name a few. So far he has scripted more than 50 Odia films.


 Doordarshan: Dr. Mishra has written screenplay for 2 telefilms which were telecast national level. They were “SOPAN” & “YASODHARA”. Plays JANE RAJA THILE, TARI LAGI, SASI MIRA KATHA, were telecast from Bhubaneswar Doordarshan Kendra.

He has written the screenplay and dialogue for 3 episodes under the serial KOMAL GANDHAR in Odia, which were telecast from Cuttack Doordarshan.

He has also written weekly serial for Doordarshan, which were produced by different production houses, such as “JE PAKHI UDE JETE DURA”, “SAKALA APEKHYA RE”, “MANA ARANYA” and “SHREE JAGANATH”.

He has completed successfully 2 popular mega serials which were also produced by different production houses. They were,“SARA AKASH” and “SAKALA SURJYA”

ETV ODIA: For this channel he has written two weekly serials, “ETHI SETHI SABUTHI” & “RUNI PAIN NIRABA PRATHANA” PRATIBIMBA”.

His mega serial “TASH RA GHARA” was viewers favourite serial when it was beamed.

OTV ODIA: Has written on Lord Jagannath and his miracles, “SHREE JAGANATH” which was aired for 30 months with highest ever TRP in the morning programmes.

Prameya News7: Has written a serial on “NABAKALEBARA” of lord Jagannath, named “DARU BRAHMANKA NABAKALEBARA” in 2015. The serial was highly appreciated by Odia people.

As Director: Dr. Mishra has directed two mega serials in Doordarshan which were “AAINA” & “UDHAVA KETE TU PACHARU” and several other short  serials  with  5 episodes & many documentary  films.

Documentaries: Dr Mishra has written many documentaries for ORSAC, Doordarshan, OREDA & other Public sector enterprises and corporate houses, which are “JANTA”, “MISSION SIKHYA”, “SAFE DRINKING WATER”, “BIJU KRUSHAK YOJANA”, “PANI PANCHAYAT”, “THE SUN”, “ PROMO ON OREDA”, “SABUJA DUNIYA”, “SWASTHYA HI SEBA” and many.

Sound & Light Programs: Dr. Mishra’s memorable creation on emperor Kharavela, dramatised with impeachable immaculate crisp and overpowering dialogues mixed up with the dace of sound light and water is a rare creation. The show is the only sound light and water program in Odisha at Pathani Samanta Planetarium Bhubaneswar.

           His second creation of sound and light program is on the childhood days of our beloved Netaji Subash Chandra Bose at Netaji Sadan Cuttack, declared as the state heritage building is a marvel. The essence and aroma of this writing lure audience to watch these shows in rapt attention.

AWARDS(STATE) : 1968 For the play “SABA BAHAKA MANE” he received the State Sangeet Natak Academy award as the best play. The book has been translated into English as titled “THE GRAVE DIGGERS” published by Grassroots Publications.
1980 Recipient of State Sahitya Academy Award for his play “JADUKAR”.
1980 Recipient of State Cultural Affairs award/recognition for his story for the film “ASHANTA GRAHA”.
1988 Recipient of State Sangeet Natak Academy award for outstanding contribution to the field of Odia theatre.
1990 Recipient of State Cultural affairs organized Chalachitra puraskar for best screenplay direction for the film “RAJANIGANDHA”.
1994 Recipient of Konark Samman from Governor of Odisha, for outstanding contribution in the field of Drama.
2012 DOCTOR OF LITERATURE” (Honoris Causa) by Utkal University of Culture, Govt. of Odisha, Bhubaneswar.
Above all, there are lot of State level awards in the field of Drama, Story, Screenplay, Dialogue and direction for Films, Television serials and telefilms.
(NATIONAL) : National award holder for best radio play “TATA NIRANJANA” in the year 1979 by All India Radio.
KENDRA SANGEET NATAK ACADEMY TAGORE SAMMAN, for contribution to Indian theatre by Govt. of India 2012.


RADIOPLAY : Has written four radio plays out of which two plays, i.e. “DUITI SURYA DAGDHA FULUKU NEI” and “TATA NIRANJANA” got broadcast as national plays in All India Radio. Other plays “GUARI” and “MANA ARANYA”.
FILMS : Has written Story, Screenplay and Dialogues for about 50 Odia films and three bilingual Odia and Benegali Films. Has written and directed an Odia feature film. “RAJANIGANDHA”, which bagged 6 Sate Chalachitra awards.  He has received the best screenplay- direction award for “RAJANIGANDHA” by the Department of Culture, Government of Odisha.

JAJABARA” film is the pioneer of Odia cinema made in 1972, where he was the Story, Screenplay and Dialogue writer as well as he was the part of TRIMURTI (Bijay Mishra, Akhaya Mohanty & Hemanta Das) as Director of this cinema.

Doordarshan : Has written screenplay for two telefilms for National telecast i.e. “SOPAN” and “YOSODHARA”, plays “JANE RAJA THILE”,
“TAARI LAAGI” and “SASEMIRA KATHA” were telecast from Bhubaneswar Door Darshan Kendra.
Has written the Screenplay and dialogues of three episodes under the serial “KOMAL GANDHAR” in Odia, which has been telecast from Cuttack Door Darshan.
Has written weekly serials for DoorDarshan, which have been produced by different production houses i.e. “JE PAKHI UDE JETE DURA”, “SAKALA APEKHYARE”, “MANA ARANYA” and “SHREE JAGANNATH”.
Has written two mega serials for DoorDarshan, which are also produced by different production house such as “SARA AAKASH” and “SAKALA SURJYA”.
ETV. ODIA : Has written two weekly serials i.e. “ETHI SETHI SABUTHI” and “RUNI PAIN NIRABA PRATHANA”, Under the serial “PRATIBIMBA”. Has written a mega serial for ETV Odia and produced by M/s. Darshan Creative, i.e. “TASH RA GHARA”.




Has written serial on Lord Jagannath and his Miracles i.e. “SHREE JAGANNATH” which was aired for 30 months.


AS DIRECTOR : He has directed two serials in Door Darshan for private Producers, i.e. “AINA” and “UDHABA KETE TU PACHARU” and several documentaries.




: He has conducted many workshops with various Organizations to educate hundreds of youth about Theatre Culture of Odisha.

2014– For the first time in Odisha, he has conducted a Cultural Workshop ’TALIM -1ST’ for the School Students of Bhubaneswar under his trust ‘Bijay’ Eka Uchhwasa’. As Workshop Director he has shared his experience in the field of Odia Art, Literature, Culture & theatre with the school students.



2014– Organized a Training Camp for Intellectual Disable/ Differently Able Children on Singing and Dance under his organization Bijay Eka Uchhwasa. It is known that Mongoloid or Down’s Syndrome children with Intellectually disabiled or differently abled are very much interested in dance and music and with training they are capable to perform very well on stage. His motto was to make them successful in the field of dance & music. He has been able to bring both general students of TALIM 1ST & disabled Children to a common platform at Rabindra Mandap to perform .The program was highly appreciated by the intellectuals & Art lovers of Odisha.

2015– ‘TALIM- 2ND’ Theatre Workshop for youngsters. As a workshop  Director he has been able to develop  the Skill set of the participants which as per his opinion, is not only a part of craft work but also required in every aspect of life, like Art, Sport, Literature, Theatre, Culture, etc. His aim and effort has always been to  put forth a podium where  talents would be highlighted .




Dr Bijay Mishra has a plethora of felicitations from various institutions, Trusts and Corporates and also from places like Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur and Mumbai However some of the recent felicitations are given below.January

-2012- Life Time achievement award from Tarang( OTV) channel

from  Shatrughan Sinha , Hindi cinestar at Bhubaneswar.

April 2014 – His birth place, Balasore district of Odisha has conferred on him “BHUMI PUTRA SAMMAN” for the stupendous achievement and enriching Odia Literature.

6th Jan 2015 he was honoured with the famous Odia Satirical poet “JADUMANI DAS SAMMAN”.

14th August 2015 – Life time achievement award from TEFLA and Times of India group at Bhubaneswar.

AS CONSULANT : He has written, directed as well as worked as a consultant for the “LIGHT, SOUND and WATER PROGRAMME” at Pathani Samanta Planetarium, Bhubaneswar a marvellous piece of creation. His 2nd laudable contribution is at Netaji Subaash Bose Birth Place Museum (NBMT) Cuttack which was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Odisha on 23rd January 2013.

He is an impulsive writer who has started his next play a neo-modern drama with a powerful message to the society, why society? To the whole world, to the entire global fraternity. As Dr. Mishra always says that “I LIVE TO WRITE AND WRITE TO LIVE” which he has justified through his writing tenure spread over 55 years.

Odia films scripted by Dr. Bijay Mishra :

Shree Jagannath, 2. Laxmi Puja 3. Maa Mangala 4. Taapoi, 5. Kala Manika ,6. Babu Parsuram 7.Jaga Balia,8. Mo Kola To Jhulana, 9.Santana, 10. Sapana Banika ,11. Sahara jaluchi,12. Hakim Babu- Got the best Regional Film Award in the National Film Festival, 13.Babula- Produced by Children Film Society Of India (Directed by Shri Sadhu Meher),14. Leutibe mora Jaga Balia ,15. Bandee Utkal Janani, 16. Asantagrah ,17.Jhilimili18. Mana Rahigala Tumari Tharee, 19. Suna Chadhei ,20. Jahaku Rakhibay Ananta,21. Dora 22. Manini 23. Bou 24. Lakhye Siba Puji Paili Pua 25. Panjuri bhitaray Sari,26. Kurukhetra,27. Janani 28. Jaga Balia 29. Paradesi Chdhei 30. Nari Nuhay tu Narayani, 31. Ki Heba Sua Posilay 32. Sasughar Chali jibi. 33. Jajabara ( a mile stone in Odiya cinema) and 34. Rajanigandha- for these 2 films Story, Screenplay and Direction was given by Dr Bijay Mishra.

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Bijya Mishra Portrait: Rabinaryan Rath


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