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PM addresses nation on combating COVID-19 ‘Janta Curfew’ to be observed on 22 March


Newdelhi:19/3/20:Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation on combating the challenge of COVID-19. On the occasion of ‘Navratra’, Prime Minister made nine requests to the people. Prime Minister said that patience and resolve of all Indians  is vital in fighting the global pandemic which has wreaked havoc all over the world. He requested citizens to follow certain measures to ...

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୨୦ ମାର୍ଚ୍ଚ : ବିଶ୍ଵ ଘରଚଟିଆ ଦିବସ। ଏହି ଅବସରରେ ‘ପରିକ୍ରମା’ (୧୯୯୮)ର କବିତା :


ଘରଚଟିଆ ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ପ୍ରସାଦ ଦାସ ସ୍ବପ୍ନର ଅସ୍ପଷ୍ଟ ଇଲାକା ଭିତରୁ ବାହାରି ମୁଁ ଯେତେବେଳେ ବାହାରକୁ ଅନାଏ ଝରକାବନ୍ଧ ଉପରେ କେତେବେଳୁ ଆସି ବସିଥାଏ ନିଶାନ୍ତର ଅଳ୍ପ ଅନ୍ଧାରରେ ତିଆରି ହୋଇଥିବା ଆୟୁଷର ଜୀବନ୍ତ ଛାଇଟିଏ ଭଳି ସକାଳର କୋମଳତାକୁ ଡେଣାରେ ନେଇ ଡେଇଁ ବୁଲେ ମୋର ଚେତନାର ଚତ୍ତ୍ବର ସାରା ଉଡ଼ିଯାଏ ମୋର ଇନ୍ଦ୍ରିୟମାନଙ୍କର ଶୂନ୍ୟକୁ ମନର ଅନ୍ତରତମ ଏକାନ୍ତକୁ ଯାଇ ଭୁଲି ଯାଇଥିବା ଅନ୍ତର୍ମୁଖୀ ଅନୁଭବମାନଙ୍କର ଦିଗବଳୟମାନ ଖୋଲି ଖୋଲି ଦିଏ ଅବସାଦର ଯେତେ ସବୁ ମଉଳା କୁଟାକାଠି ଉଠାଇ ନେଇଯାଏ ...

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Babushaan and Sivani will come together again in’ Bidyarana’

BABUSAN1 avatar

Bhubaneswar:18/3/20: Babushaan Mohanty and Sivani Sangita starrer Odia film Bidyarana is set to release this Raja festival.The title of the film was announced recently. Besides, the makers also released the first look of the movie.Babushaan has shared a poster of the film on social media.After Sister Sridevi, Babushaan and Sivani will come together in the film after two years.  Jyoti Das ...

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In wake of the coronavirus BMC has ordered that major daily markets shall function from 6 AM to 6 PM


Bhubaneswar:18/3/20: In wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and to contain the possibility of spread of the virus due to large congregation in the market place Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has ordered that major daily markets shall function from 6 AM to 6 PM with effect from tomorrow till 31st March of this year. The regulation will be effective in the ...

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Coronavirus cases in India rose to 151 till date


New Delhi, 18/3/20:The number of novel coronavirus cases in India rose to 151 on Wednesday after 14 more were reported from various parts of the country, according to the Health Ministry. The cases include 25 foreign nationals and the three persons who died in Delhi, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Over 5,700 people, who had come in contact with these positive cases, ...

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Odisha DGP Abhay gets extension


Cuttack:18/3/20: Odisha government has extended the tenure of the States’ Director General of Police (DGP) Sri Abhay for six months. The tenure of the 1986 batch IPS officer, which was going to expire in June end next year, has been extended till December 31 2021.The state government had appointed senior IPS officer Abhay as Director General of Police in November ...

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OPSC postpones all its exams for coronavirus


Cuttack:18/3/20:The Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) today postponed all its examinations for indefinite period in the wake of coronavirus outbreak. As per the OPSC notification, “It is for information of all concerned that all the scheduled Written Examination/Viva Voce test of the Odisha Public Service Commission are hereby postponed until further orders in view of the pandemic situation arising out ...

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Gopalpur Ports Limited has taken all precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID–19


Gopalpur:18/3/20: Gopalpur Ports Limited (GPL) has taken all precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID–19 in their operational area.A detailed process has been established wherein continuous monitoring and screening all foreign and domestic ships and ship’s crew in addition to the directives and instructions received from the Directorate General of Shipping (Union Ministry of Shipping) and the Ministry of ...

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Four candidates of Biju Janata Dal were elected unopposed to the Rajya Sabha.


Bhubaneswar:18/3/20: Four candidates of Biju Janata Dal (BJD)- Subash Singh, Sujit Kumar, Munna Khan, and Mamata Mohanta were elected unopposed to the Rajya Sabha. This informed by Returning Officer Dasarathi Satpathy after the period for withdrawal of nominations ended today at 3 PM. Assembly secretary & returning officer for RS poll Dasarathi Satpathy also handed over the winning certificates to ...

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Indian Railways constitutes Rapid Response team COVID-19


Newdelhi:18/3/20:Indian Railways, the biggest transport utility of the country, has been taking a series of proactive measures to stop the spread of Corona Virus in the country. To take stock of the ongoing efforts, Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways & Commerce and Industry, reviewed the progress of preparedness of Indian Railways in that regard. The meeting was attended by ...

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