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Major Reshuffle in Odisha OAS cadre Officer

Bhubaneswar:8/3/18:As pe

Government  of Odisha

General  Administration   & Public Grievances  Department




Bhubaneswar,   dated the 8th  March,  2018


No.GAD-SER2-ID-0001-2017-6621/SCS.         Pending   finalization   of  the  select   list  on  the advice  of the Odisha  Public  Service  Commission,   the following  OAS  Gr.A  (Junior  Branch) officers  are  promoted   to  the  rank  of  OAS  Gr.A  (Senior   Branch),  on  ad  hoc  basis  for  a period  not  exceeding   one  year  or  till  receipt  of  recommendation    of  OPSC  or  till  their retirement,  whichever  is earlier without  prejudice  to the claim of others.


This  promotion   is subject  to outcome  of the SLP  (Civil) Appeal   No.8490/2010     and

Civil Appeal  No.3240/2010     filed  by Shri  Pravakar  Mallick  and others  -vrs-   State  of Odisha

& others and other  related  cases  if any.



Name of the suitable

SI.No.                   officers                       Present  Position  I Place of                   On Promotion


Smt.! Shri


  1. Sarbeswar Singh                BOO, Raikia,  Kandhamal                   allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders
  2. Sidheswar  Nayak               Oeputy Collector,  Collectorate.          allowed  to continue  as

Bargarh                                                 such,  until further  orders


  1. Nehru Majhi                        Tahasildar,   Koraput                            allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders

Under  Secretary  to Government,       allowed  to continue  as

  1. Bedabandhu   Mishra          Sports  & Youth  Services                    such,  until further  orders



  1. Sucharu Kumar  Bal           BOO, Udala,  Mayurbhanj                   allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders


  1. Rajani Kanta  Swain           BOO, Khalikote,  Ganjam                    allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders


  1. Somanath Pradhan            BOO, Lahunipada,  Sundargarh         allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders
  2. Suvendu  Kumar  Sahoo     Tahasildar,   Chatrapur  UoT as          allowed  to continue  as

Tahasildar,   Bhubaneswar                   Tahasildar,   Bhubaneswar


  1. Sabita Mallick                     Additional  Sub-Collector,   Banki        allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders


  1. Padmanav Behera             BOO, Mohana,  Gajapati                     allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders


  1. Oharmananda  Behera       BOO, Basta,  Balasore                        allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders

posted  as Oeputy

  1. Rajib Lochan Singh           BOO, Naugaon,  Jagatsinghpur          Secretary  to Government, Home  Oepartment
  2. Ankara  Thakur                    BOO, Tentulikhunti,                              allowed  to continue  as

Nawarangpur                                        such,  until further  orders

  1. Susmita  Behera                  Additional   Land Officer,  GA &          allowed  to continue  as

PG Oepartment                                    such,  until further  orders


  1. Subrat Kumar  Behera        BOO, Bhanjanagar,   Ganjam              allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders
  2. Nilu Mohapatra  BOO, Brahmagiri,  Puri                       allowed  to continue  as such,  until further  orders


    Bhubaneswar,  dated the 8th  March,  2018


    No. PT3-GAO-SER2-  TP-0001-2018-6593/SCS.      Shri  Manmath  Kumar  Biswal, OAS  (SAG),  Additional   Secretary   to  Government,    MS&ME   Department   is transferred   and  posted  as  Additional   Secretary   to  Government,   Science   & Technology  Department.


    No.6594/SCS.      Shri    Srinibas    Behera,    OAS    (SAG),    Additional     District Magistrate,    Angul,    is   transferred    and   posted   as   Addl.    Commissioner, Transport,  State Transport  Authority,  Cuttack.


    No.6595/SCS.   Shri Udaya  Narayan  Das, OAS (SAG),  PO, DRDA,  Cuttack,  is transferred   and  posted  as Additional   Secretary  to  Government,   Panchayati Raj & DW Department.


    No.6596/SCS.      Shri    Biswajit    Biswal,    OAS    (SAG),    Additional     District Magistrate,   Paradeep,   is transferred   and  posted  as Additional   Secretary   to Government,  Agriculture   & FE Department.


    No.6597/SCS.    Shri  Pravat  Kumar  Bhoi, OAS  (SAG),  PD,  DRDA,  Dhenkanal, is transferred   and  posted  as Additional   Secretary  to  Government,   School  & Mass Education  Department.


    No.6598/SCS.      Shri   Tapan    Kumar   Satapathy,    OAS   (S),   Sub-Collector, Pallahara,  is transferred  and posted as Additional  District  Magistrate,  Angul.

    In exercise  of  powers  conferred   under  Sub  Section-2  of Section-20  of

    the Code of Criminal  Procedure,   1973 (Act II of 1974), the State  Government do  hereby   appoint   Shri  Tapan   Kumar   Satapathy,   OAS   (S)  as  Additional District Magistrate,  Angul,  in the district  of Angul.


    No.6599/SCS.   Services of Shri Nihar Ranjan Das, OAS (S), Special LAO, Kalinganagar,   Jajpur,   is  placed  with  Water   Resources   Department   for  his posting as L.A.O.


    No.6600/SCS.      Shri    Harish    Chandra    Nayak,    OAS    (S),   Sub-Collector, Athagarh,    is   transferred    and   posted   as   Additional    District    Magistrate, Kendrapara.

    In exercise  of  powers  conferred   under  Sub  Section-2  of Section-20  of the Code of Criminal  Procedure,   1973 (Act II of 1974), the State  Government do hereby appoint  Shri   Harish  Chandra  Nayak, OAS (S) as Additional  District Magistrate,  Kendrapara,  in the district  of Kendrapara.                    ~
    No.6601/SCS.      Shri  Saroj  Kumar  Mohanty,  OAS (S), Sub-Collector,   Angul  is transferred  and  posted  as  PD,  DRDA,  Cuttack  on  Foreign  Service  terms  & conditions.


    No.6602/SCS.     Shri Manoranjan Mallick, OAS(S), General Manager, RIC, Kalinganagar,    Jajpur    is   transferred    and    posted    as   Additional     District Magistrate,  Khurda.

    In exercise  of  powers  conferred  under  Sub  Section-2  of Section-20  of

    the Code of Criminal  Procedure,  1973 (Act II of 1974), the State  Government do  hereby  appoint  Shri  Manoranjan   Mallick,  OAS  (S)  as  Additional   District Magistrate,  Khurda,  in the district of Khurda.



    No.6603/SCS.        Shri   Marshel    Ekka,   OAS   (S),   joined    in   G.A.   &   P.G. Department          is  transferred   and  posted  as  Project   Director,   District   Urban Development  Agency,  Sundargarh  on Foreign Service terms & conditions.


    No.6604/SCS.        Shri   Parikshita    Sethi,   OAS   (S),   PA,   ITDA,   Gajapati   is transferred  and posted as Additional  District Magistrate,  Nawarangpur.

    In exercise  of  powers  conferred  under  Sub  Section-2  of Section-20  of

    the Code of Criminal  Procedure,  1973 (Act II of 1974), the State  Government do  hereby   appoint   Shri   Parikshita   Sethi,   OAS   (S)  as  Additional    District Magistrate,  Nawarangpur,  in the district of Nawarangpur.

    This   Department    Notification    NO.14983/SCS   dated    12.07.2017    on transfer  of Shri  Raghumani   Gomango,  OAS  (S),  as ADM,  Nabarangapur,   is hereby cancelled.


    No.6605/SCS.       Shri  Sukanta   Tripathy,   OAS  (S),  PO,  DRDA,   Kalahandi   is transferred  and posted  as PD, DRDA,  Rayagada  on Foreign  Service  terms  & conditions.



    No.6606/SCS.        Shri   Ramakant    Sethi,   OAS   (S),   Ex-Spl.    LAO,   TISCO, Chatrapur,  now joined  in GA &  PG Department  is transferred  and posted  as Project  Director,   District   Urban  Development   Agency,   Ganjam   on  Foreign Service terms & conditions.

    No.6607/SCS.      Shri  Madhusudan   Mishra-2,  OAS  (S), PD,  DRDA,  Rayagada is transferred  and posted as PD, DRDA,  Bhadrak on Foreign  Service terms & conditions.


    No.6608/SCS.       Shri  Dilip  Kumar  Sahoo,  OAS  (S),  PD,  DRDA,  Bhadrak  is transferred  and posted as Joint Secretary  to Government,  MSME Department.




    NO.6609/SCS.  Shri Kanhu Charan  Dhir, OAS (S), Sub-Collector,   Kendrapara is transferred  and posted as Additional  District Magistrate,  Paradip.

    In exercise  of  powers  conferred  under  Sub  Section-4  of Section-20  of

    the Code of Criminal  Procedure,   1973 (Act II of 1974), the State  Government do  hereby   appoint   Shri   Kanhu   Charan   Dhir,  OAS   (S)  as  Sub-Collector, Paradip,  in the district  of Paradip.


    No.6610/SCS.    Shri  Basant  Kumar  Rout,  OAS  (S), Deputy  Director,  RMSA  is transferred  and posted  as PO, DRDA,  Kalahandi  on Foreign  Service  terms  & conditions.



    No.6611/SCS.  Shri Narottam Behera, OAS(S), Sub-Collector,  Bhadrak is transferred  and posted  as PO, DRDA,  Dhenkanal  on Foreign  Service  terms & conditions.


    No.6612/SCS.   Shri Brahmananda  Behera, OAS (S), PA, ITDA, Baripada is transferred  and posted as Joint Secretary to Government,  Revenue & OM Department.


    NO.6613/SCS.    Shri   Anam    Charan    Patra,   OAS   (S),   DPC,   Gajapati    is transferred  and  posted  as  PO, DRDA,  Gajapati  on  Foreign  Service  terms  & conditions.


    No.6614/SCS.    Shri  Sanat  Kumar  Mohanty,  OAS  (S), PO, DRDA,  Gajapati  is transferred  and posted  as G.M., OTDC  Ltd., Bhubaneswar  on Foreign  Service terms & conditions.


    NO.6615/SCS.  Shri Rajendra Kumar Ranjit, OAS Gr.A (SB), PA, ITDA, Bhawanipatna  is transferred  and posted as Sub-Collector,   Bhawanipatna  and is kept in additional  charge  of PA, ITDA, Bhawanipatna.

    In exercise  of  powers  conferred  under  Sub  Section-4  of Section-20  of

    the Code of Criminal  Procedure,  1973 (Act II of 1974), the State  Government do hereby appoint Shri Rajendra Kumar Ranjit, OAS (S) as Sub-Collector, Bhawanipatna,  in the district of Bhawanipatna.


    No.6616/SCS.   Shri Ananta  Narayan  Singh  Laguri,  OAS Gr.A  (S8),  Executive

    Officer,  Rajgangpur  Municipality  is transferred  and posted as PA, ITDA, Nilgiri.



    NO.6617/SCS.   Shri  Amiya   Kumar  Sahoo,   OAS  Gr.A  (SB),  APD  (Admn.), DRDA,   Malkangiri   is  transferred   and  posted   as  Sub-Collector,    Athagarh, Cuttack ..

    In exercise  of  powers  conferred   under  Sub  Section-4  of Section-20  of the Code of Criminal  Procedure,   1973 (Act  II of 1974), the State  Government do  hereby   appoint   Shri  Amiya   Kumar   Sahoo,   OAS   Gr.A   (SB)   as  Sub- Collector,  Athagarh,  Cullack,  in the district  of Cullack.                 ~
    No.6618/SCS.     Shri   Sanjay   Kumar   Mishra,   APD,   DRDA,   Kendrapara   is transferred  and posted as Sub-Collector,   Kendrapara.

    In exercise  of powers  conferred  under  Sub  Section-4  of Section-20  of

    the Code of Criminal  Procedure,  1973 (Act II of 1974), the State  Government do  hereby   appoint   Shri  Sanjay   Kumar   Mishra,   OAS   Gr.A   (SB)  as  Sub- Collector,  Kendrapara,  in the district of Kendrapara.



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