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Major bureaucratic reshuffle in Odisha IAS and OAS Cadre

Bhubaneswar:L28/10/17:General Administration   Depart ment noti fied major reshuffle Odisha IAS and OAS Cadre as per the list:


The    additional     appointment     of    Smt.     Chithra Arumugam,    IAS{RR-1995),   Commissioner-cum-Secretary    to Government,  Women  &  Child Dev. and Mission Shakti Department  as Special Secretary, Water Resources  Department  is hereby cancelled.



No. 23514/AIS.I,   Shri  Mahendra   Kumar   Mallick,   IAS{SCS-2002),   State  Project  Director,  OPEPA, Bhubaneswar  is  appointed  as  Director,  Animal  Husbandry  & Veterinary   Services,  Odisha,  Cuttack vice Shri Pratap Chandra  Dash-1,  lAS transferred.



No. 23515/AIS.I,   Shri  Prasanta   Kumar   Senapati,   lAS  (SCS-2004),   Excise  Commissioner,  Odisha, Cuttack  is appointed  as  Director,  Fisheries,  Odisha,  Cuttack  vice  Dr.  Bijay  Ketan  Upadhyaya,   lAS transferred.



No.  23516/AIS.I,    Shri   Debendra    Mohapatra,    IAS(SCS-2005),   Director  of  Estates  and  Ex-officio Additional  Secretary  to Government,   G.A & P.G Department  is appointed  as Excise  Commissioner, Odisha, Cuttack vice Shri Prasanta  Kumar Senapati,  lAS transferred.



No. 23517/AIS.I,   Shri  Ratnakar  Rout,  lAS (SCS-2005),  Director, Secondary  Education, Odisha, Bhubaneswar  is appointed  as Managing  Director, OSIC, Cuttack.



The post of Managing  Director,  OSIC is declared  equivalent  in status  and responsibility  to the post of Additional  Secretary  to Government  provided  in the lAS cadre of the State.



No.  23518/AIS.I,    Shri   Pratap   Chandra    Dash-1,   lAS  (SCS-2005),   Director,  Animal   Husbandry   & Veterinary  Services,  Odisha,  Cuttack  is appointed  as  Director,  Panchayati   Raj  vice  Shri  Hemanta Kumar Padhi, lAS transferred.



No.  23519/AIS.I,    Shri   Hemanta    Kumar    Padhi,    lAS   (SCS-2007),    Director,   Panchayati   Raj  is appointed  as  Director  of  Estates  and  Ex-officio  Additional   Secretary   to  Government,   G.A  &  P.G Department  vice Shri Debendra  Mohapatra,  lAS transferred.



No. 23520/AIS.I,   Dr.  M. Muthukumar,    lAS  (RR-200S),  Director,  Horticulture,  Odisha,  Bhubaneswar is allowed to remain in additional  charge of Director, Odisha Adarsha  Vidyalay,  RMSA, Bhubaneswar.



No. 23521/AIS.I,   Dr. Bijay  Ketan  Upadhyaya,   IAS(RR-2009),   Director,  Fisheries,  Odisha,  Cuttack  is appointed as Joint Secretary  to Government,  Water Resources  Department.



No. 23522/AIS.I.   Ms.  Mansi   Nimbhal,   IAS{RR-2010),   Director,  Department  of Social  Security  and

Empowerment  of Persons with Disabilities  is appointed  as Project Director,  OTELP.



The post of Project  Director,  OTELP  is declared  equivalent  in status  and responsibility  to the post of Deputy Secretary  to Government  provided in the lAS cadre of the State.



Additional  appointment   of  Shri  Srikanta  Prusty,  lAS  as Project  Director,  OTELP  shall  stand terminated  from the date Ms. Mansi Nimbhal,  lAS takes over.




No.  23523/AIS.I, Shri   Manish   Agrawal,    lAS  (RR-2012),   Deputy  Secretary   to  Government,   Home

Department    is appointed    as Executive    Director,   CMGI,   G.A  & P.G Department.


The  post of Executive  Director,  CMGI  is declared  equivalent   in status  and responsibility  to the post of Deputy  Secretary  to Government   provided  in the lAS cadre  of the State.



Additional   appointment   of  Shri  Sanjay  Kumar  Singh,  IPS as  Executive   Director,  CMGI  shall stand terminated  from the date Shri Manish  Agrawal,  lAS takes  over.



No.  23524/AIS.I,     Shri   Chanchal    Rana,   IAS(RR-2014),    Sub-Collector,    Kuchinda   is  appointed   as

OSD, Sports & Youth  Services  Department.



No. 23525/AIS.I,    Shri  Bijay   Kumar   Nayak,  lAS  (SCS),  Additional   Secretary  to Government,   Health

& Family Welfare  Department   is appointed  as State  Project  Director,  OPEPA,  Bhubaneswar   vice Shri

Mahendra  Kumar  Mallick,  lAS transferred.



The  post of  State  Project  Director,  OPEPA  is declared  equivalent   in status  and responsibility to the post of Joint  Secretary  to Government   provided  in the lAS cadre  of the State.



No.   23526/AIS.I,       Shri    Amarendra       Kumar     Patnaik,      lAS    (SCS),    Director,     Culture    &  Ex-officio Additional    Secretary    to   Government,    Tourism   &  Culture   (Culture)    Department    is  appointed    as Chairman,  Council  of Higher  Secondary  Education,  Odisha,  Bhubaneswar.


The post of Chairman,  Council  of Higher  Secondary  Education  is declared  equivalent  in status and responsibility  to the post of Joint  Secretary  to Government   provided  in the lAS cadre of the State.



Additional  appointment   of Shri Sunderlal  Seal,  lAS as Chairman,  Council  of Higher  Secondary

Education  shall stand terminated  from the date Shri Amarendra   Kumar  Patnaik,  lAS takes over.



No.  23527/AIS.I,     Shri   Sarat   Chandra     Nayak,    lAS   (SCS),   Secretary   to   RDC(CD),    Cuttack   is appointed  as Vice-Chairman,   Cuttack  Development  Authority,  Cuttack.



The  post  of  Vice-Chairman,    Cuttack  Development   Authority   is declared   equivalent   in status and responsibility  to the post of Joint  Secretary  to Government   provided  in the lAS cadre of the State.


Additional   appointment    of  Shri  Bikash  Chandra   Mohapatra,   OAS(SAG)   as  Vice-Chairman, Cuttack  Development   Authority   shall  stand  terminated   from  the  date  Shri  Sarat  Chandra  Nayak,  lAS takes  over.



No. 23528/AIS.I,    Shri   Smruti    Ranjan   Pradhan,    IAS(NSCS),   Joint  Director-cum-Joint    Secretary  to Government,    Panchayati    Raj  &  Drinking   Water   Department   is  appointed   as  Director,   Industries, Odisha,  Cuttack.


Additional    appointment    of   Shri   Balwant   Singh,   lAS   as   Director,    Industries    shall   stand terminated  from the date  Shri Smruti  Ranjan  Pradhan,  lAS takes  over.




No.PT5-GAD-SER2-TP-0001-2017-23544/SCS.          Shri   Bibhu   Prasad   Sarangi,   OAS(SS), Special  Secretary  to Govt.,  School  & Mass Education  Department  is transferred  and posted as Director,  Secondary  Education.


No. 23545/SCS.   Shri  Biranchi  Narayan  Mohanty,  OAS(SAG),   M.D,  MARKFED  is declared as Ex-Officio  Additional  Secretary  to Govt., Cooperation  Department.


NO.23546/SCS.    Ananta    Kumar   Bhuyan,   OAS(SAG),    Director,       Consumer    Affairs   & Controller,   Legal  Metrology,   FS&CW   Department   is transferred   and  posted  as  Director, TBPM  & Ex-Officio  Addl.  Secretary  to Govt. School  & Mass Education  Department.


No. 23547/SCS.   Shri Susant  Barik, OAS(SAG),   Director,  Textiles  is transferred  and posted as Director,  SSEPD  on foreign  service terms and conditions.


No. 23548/SCS.   Shri  Dhananjay   Hembram  OAS(SAG),   Presiding  Officer  in the Additional Revision   Court,   Bhubaneswar    under   Member,   Board   of  Revenue,   Odisha,   Cuttack   is transferred  and posted  as Secretary  to RDC(CD),  Cuttack.


No.  23549/SCS.   Shri  Bishnu   Pro Mishra,  OAS(SAG),   M.D,  Boyanika   is transferred   and posted as Director,  Textiles  and is allowed  to remain  in additional  charge  of M.D, Boyanika.


No. 23550/SCS.  Shri Sidharth  Dhal, OAS(SAG),  Addl.  Secretary  to Govt.,  Science  & Tech. Department   is transferred   and  posted  as  Director,   Bureau  of  Text  Book  Preparation   & Production.



No.  23551/SCS.    Shri   Umakanta   Tripathy,   OAS(SAG),    Director,   Bureau   of  Text   Book Preparation   &  Production   is  transferred   and  posted   as  Additional    Secretary   to  Govt., Science  & Tech.  Department.


No.  23552/SCS.   Smt.  Bratati  Harichandan,   OAS(SAG),   Addl.  Secretary   to  Govt.,  Works

Department  is transferred  and posted  as Director,  Culture.



No.  23553/SCS.   Shri  Alok  Kumar  Kar,  OAS(S),  Additional   Commissioner,    Bhubaneswar Municipal   Corporation    is  transferred    and   posted   as  Joint   Secretary   to   Govt.,   Home Department.


No. 23554/SCS.   Shri Gangadhar   Sahoo,  OAS(S),  State  Nodal  Officer,  MOM is transferred and posted as General  Manager,  OSRTC  on foreign  service  terms  and conditions.



No. 23555/SCS.  Shri Saroj  Kumar  Patel, OAS(S),  General  Manager,  OSRTC  is transferred and posted as State  Nodal Officer,  MOM on foreign  service  terms  and conditions.



No.  23556/SCS.   Shri  Pradip  Ku.  Mishra(No.2),   OAS(S),  Addl.  Secretary   to  RDC(SD)   is transferred   and   posted   as  Administrative    Officer,   MKCG   Medical   College   &  Hospital,




No.  23557/SCS.   Services   of  Shri  Saroj  Kumar  Samal,   OAS(S),  Addl.   Director,   NHM  is transferred  and posted as Joint Secretary  to Govt., Works  Department.   ~

/   AJ]:\\-6\’\~



No.   23558/SCS.    Shri   Mrunal   Kanti   Das,   OAS(S),    Deputy   Commissioner,     Excise   is transferred  and posted  as Additional  Director,  NHM.


No. 23559/SCS.   Shri Ganeswar  Jena,  OAS(S),  Addl.  Director  of Estates  is transferred  and posted as Joint Secretary  to Govt.,  Steel & Mines Department.


No. 23560/SCS.   Shri  Sushant  Ku.  Dash,  OAS(S),  CGM,  IDCO,  is transferred   and  posted as Additional  Director  of Estates,  G.A&PG  Department.


No.  23561/SCS.   Shri  Chitta   Ranjan  Patra,  OAS(S),   Joint  Secretary   to  Govt.,  G.A.&PG Department  is transferred  and posted as CGM,  IDCO.


No.  23562/SCS.   Smt.  Arati  Rout,  OAS  Gr.A(SB)  A.O,  OMSM(RMSA)    is  posted  as  Dy. Director,  OMSM(RMSA),   Bhubaneswar  on foreign  service  terms  and conditions.


No. 23563/SCS.   Shri Abanikanta   Patnaik,  OAS(SB),  Ex Sub-Collector,   Dhenkanal  UoT as Deputy  Secretary  to  Govt.,  Sports  & Y.S  Department   is posted  as  Deputy  Commissioner, Bhubaneswar     Municipal    Corporation,     Bhubaneswar     on   foreign    service    terms    and conditions.


This   Department    Notification    No.22088    dated    13.10.2017    on   transfer    of   Shri Abanikanta    Patnaik,    OAS-Gr.A    (SB),   as   Deputy   Secretary    to   Govt.,   Sports   &  Y.S Department  is hereby  cancelled.


No. 23564/SCS.   Shri  Sudhansu  Sekhar  Nayak,  OAS  Gr.A(SB),  Deputy  Secretary  to Govt. W&CD  Department  is transferred  and posted as Deputy Secretary  to Govt.,  Mission  Shakti.



No.  23565/SCS.      Shri   Indramani   Nayak,   OAS   Gr.A(SB),   Addl.   PD,  DRDA,   Jajpur   is transferred  and posted  as Deputy  Secretary  in the office of the  RDC(SD),  Berhampur.



No. 23566/SCS.  Services  of Shri Gorachanda  Gamango,  OAS  Gr.A(SB),  Addl.  PD, DRDA, Kandhamal  is transferred  and posted  as PA, ITDA, Gunupur.


No. 23567/SCS.  Shri Prasanna  Kumar  Sarangi,  OAS Gr.A(SB),  Deputy  Secretary  to Govt., SD&TE  Department  is transferred  and posted as Rent Officer,  G.A. & P.G. Department.


No. 23568/SCS.  Shri Sangram  Kumar  Raysardar,  OAS Gr.A(SB),  Rent Officer,  G.A & P.G. Department  is transferred  and posted  as Deputy Secretary  to Govt.,  SD& TE Department.


No. 23569/SCS.  Smt.  Manjulata  Swain,  OAS Gr.A(S8),   Deputy  Secretary  to Govt.,  Steel & Mines  Department   is  transferred    and  posted   as  Deputy   Secretary   to  Govt.,  W&CD   & Mission Shakti  Department.


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